Crock Pots & Crop Tops is a lifestyle blog for women. The content is a culmination of the things I love and the things (I think) I know: fashion, food, babies, beauty and occasionally, certain comical injustices of our everyday lives. I am a "cool mom" who’s just trying to keep it all together without losing myself.

I live for fashion, and I love helping my friends and family find that perfect outfit. I routinely scour the internet to find out what new trends will be working their way into my wardrobe. I will never suggest a style or certain outfits that I wouldn’t wear myself, and that aren't affordable. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to fashion and you’ll rarely see prints, but I do love a BOLD embellishment and I believe in taking fashion risks. Confidence makes any outfit work. 

My recipe suggestions will be based on what’s most important to me when cooking: easy and tasty. I’m not a natural cook by trade, but I have found and altered some amazing recipes that should save you some time and please any crowd, or yourself!

When it comes to motherhood, I am NO expert. In fact, I’m never even confident I’m not truly messing up all the time. But when I find things that work, I shout them from the mountaintop. I also will take advice, so please share anything, literally, I mean ANYTHING.

Beauty? To me, this covers it all (makeup, hair, body, etc.) I'm not a pro in any of these areas, but I love trying new things and obviously sharing the success stories (and sometimes, the funny fails). Expect to see posts covering makeup, hair, fitness and more in this section. 

If you ever have any questions, please contact me at crockpotscroptops@gmail.com


Blog author: Allie Jo Mann

I am a small-town gal at heart who grew up in Clara City, MN (population 1,000 people). After attaining a bachelor's degree in Journalism at the University of Minnesota, I headed west to live in Denver with my now husband. I started my career in marketing then went back to journalism then back to marketing and repeated that process a few more times. It's been a lot of ups and downs, but one thing I always am and will always be is a writer. This blog is a passion project that allows me to do just that. It's 100% me and 100% authentic. I am now living back in Minnesota with my husband Carter, and our two sons Harvey and Fletcher. If this blog did nothing else than at least make you laugh or say "hey, that's handy" one time--that's enough for me.

Happy reading.