When it comes to creating a living space for the babes, my design aesthetic doesn't change. I love modern, contemporary looks and I'm not a huge fan of bright colors. I keep tones and colors neutral in our home, and the nurseries were no different. I am a sucker for theme, however, and there are ways to drive it home without cheesing it up. A few rules I live by:

  1. First off, planning a nursery can be overwhelming. You don't need to buy EVERYTHING you see on Pinterest. Stick to these essential nursery items: Crib, Dresser (doubling as a changing table), Glider, Ottoman (if your glider doesn't come with one), shelving, rug, mobile, art and accent items. 
  2. Buy furniture you actually like and could potentially use again. OK, let's face it - you won't use your crib or glider once the babes are grown, but items like the dresser, nightstand, shelving and accents, for example, can carry through when you upgrade the nursery to toddler or kid room, or even be used in other areas of the house. 
  3. Use neutral colors to support the theme you pick. If you, like me, are not super into bright/primary colors, stick with hues like cream, beige and gray. Pops of color in accent items are great!   
  4. Get creative with accent pieces. My favorite items to "jazz" up are the storage bin you use on the changing table, the mobile and the lamp. 

Harvey's Nursery

With Harvey, we went for a nautical theme, but not an "in-your-face-nautical" theme. It was meant to feel cozy and warm. We used gray, beige, white and hints of navy to accomplish the look. And this can be done with any theme. Let's say you pick circus animals. If you accent with cream, beige or gray, you can still accomplish the theme while keeping the room cozy and minimal. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 8.47.56 AM.png

Fletcher's Nursery

Fletcher's nursery is a vintage gymnasium/sports theme with you guessed it, neutral colors including brown, cream, silver and bronze. This theme wasn't quite as easy to accomplish, but I started with my essential furniture and built from there. The crib is EVERYTHING, oh and don't judge the mobile. If it looks like crap, that's because I made it and I'm not very good with crafts/DIY. 

Allie Mann