In all honesty, I don’t love being pregnant. I’m not one of those women who gets all glowy, rubs her belly and skips harmoniously through the nine months. It’s quite the opposite for me, actually and the second time around has been even worse. But OK, enough complaining. The fact of the matter is having kids means you have to go through pregnancy. And while it’s going to be painful regardless, it’ doesn’t have to be painful to look at. I love taking fashion risks and pregnancy doesn’t change that! 

A few rules I live by:

  1. Don’t waste your money on maternity clothes. Yes – you will need to invest in some staple items (jeans, leggings, camisole tanks, tees and long sleeve shirts for layering), but don’t break the bank by purchasing an all-new maternity wardrobe. The items are expensive and can’t be worn again after pregnancy. There are ways around it. 
  2. Buy cheap, normal, non-maternity clothes that will stretch and cover your stomach that you can wear AFTER baby comes! 
  3. SHOW IT OFF! Go for a fitted dress or top. The days of baggy, tent-like frocks for pregnant women are over. Showing off the bump is sexy. In fact, where my bump is, is usually where a little of my flab lives, so I can’t typically pull off these fitted looks when I’m not with child, so I jump at the chance to do so when pregnant!

When you do venture out to buy maternity clothes, I recommend the following retailers: ASOS, Gap, Boohoo and Old Navy. For non-maternity, yet stretchy and comfortable clothes Forever 21, Express and H&M are great options. Oh AND the most important thing to remember: NEVER EVER pay full price at Gap or Express. They almost always have a deals going on, so sign up for their email alerts and check their coupons before you buy. 

Allie Mann