I am loving this Sea Salt Air Dry Spray from Kristen Ess. In case you don't know her, she's an adorable celebrity hair stylist who's recently launched her own line of beauty products. I rarely have time to blow dry my hair these days and my natural air-dried look ain't pretty. This product specifically makes my life easier. You apply it to your wet hair, form it into waves with your fingers and like magic, in a couple hours when it's fully dry, it's wavy and textured! And it's not that thick, salty, gritty sea salt texture you may be used to. That crap never works on my fine hair like this does. There's a great tutorial video on her instagram blog. Check it out! 

Best of all? It's super affordable and available at Target. 

P.S. Her dry texture spray is also amazing and smells like heaven.


Allie Mann