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The snow STILL isn't melting in Minnesota, and between four months of snow and ice, being pregnant and working from home — I am about to go Kathy Bates "Misery" on my poor husband. Luckily his legs are still in tact and my pasty ones are ready to thaw out and try out some new looks, despite the chill. NYFW (New York Fashion Week) 2018 debuted many new and recycled trends - everything from pastels to sheer to sequins to big ass sleeves and Americana. A few of my favorite looks are below, and NOT at NYFW prices. 



This color is everywhere, and it's a perfect look for spring. I love the all-lilac monochromatic look, but it also works well as a nice pop of color with any outfit, or as an accessory.  



I have always loved a big, puffy shoulder so imagine my excitement when they graced the runways for Spring 2018! They're technically called leg o'mutton sleeves, but that style is a bit too Elizabethan for my taste so I've provided a bevy of options below. Express is INTO this trend. 



Polka dots never really leave, but they're back in a BIG, trendy way. These aren't your grandmothers' polka dots or the styles that graced ladies in the 50s. Keep the cuts and fits modern, and play with color!

Allie Mann