It's the time of year... people are planning vacations, summer is approaching, and you can almost smell the coconut lotion in the air. Sadly, the birth of my new little cutie boo boo Fletcher means my family and I had to skip a vacation this year. (Not complaining. Ok, kind of complaining but ONLY because Minnesota had an epic, awful six-month-long winter). Anyhoos, many of our family, friends and various cohorts are planning trips and I can't help but peruse this year's "resort wear" (rich people speak for vacation clothes). When I go on vacay, I get so excited to pack and plan my outfits. Usually you're going somewhere tropical/warm and it's that first chance to whip out flowy, skin-baring get-ups and kickoff warmer weather overall. My favorites are below, and even if you're not escaping anywhere anytime soon, these options are great summer staples too. 

So - what are my vacay essentials? 


I'm not a huge maxi dress person, but they're perfect for vacations.  Just dressy enough for those resort dinners and comfortable/loose/flowy enough so I don't get a case of swass, swoob, etc. From the collection below, you'll also notice I love a coordinating/matching set, especially for vacation. And you can't go wrong with comfy shorts and a fitted top. 



Swimsuits. That's a loaded word. They signify two things I love and hate all at once. Love: summertime, boating, beaches, swimming. Hate: wearing swimsuits. That said, I usually can find a few options that work and don't make me feel totally disgusting each year. In my early 30s, I've finally found and accepted the types of suits work for my body. Because I'm pear shaped and curvy, those high-cut one pieces that I THOUGHT would be perfect for me only ended up making saddle bags explode out the sides looking like a busted open can of biscuits. I've found that full coverage one pieces and high waisted bottoms are my best bet - even better if they have ties! 


The only accessories you need for a successful vacation. I leave my jewelry at home. And you won't see any heels or wedges on this list. Vacations are about relaxing, and that includes our feet. 

Allie Mann