Let me start by saying, I did NOT want to like these jeans. I pretended they didn’t exist for a long time after they launched. And not because I’m anti-Kardashian. Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty into them. I’m a BIG believer in the Kylie lip kits and drool over most of Kim’s outfits. I just didn’t want to spend the $$$. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder “what does Khloe Kardashian know about denim?” I just didn’t want to spend the $$$. Turns out, she knows a LOT. These jeans are a game changer for me. As a short girl with curves and a big ole’ booty, jeans are not always easy. They also weren’t always my go-to, but as I’ve gotten older and continue to work in more casual environments, they’ve become my uniform.

So let me shout it from the mountain tops GOOD AMERICAN JEANS ARE SO GOOD. She has a few staple fits—GOOD LEGS, GOOD WAIST and GOOD CURVES. They are high waist, higher waist and highest waist in that same order. The ones that fit me best are Good Waist (shown in blue013 in the above photo on the right). I live for high waist everything, it covers up the jiggly wiggly bits. But when you have a larger than life butt like I do, you get the bigger size for the booty/too big around the waist problem. GOOD WAIST tightens back up around the waist so they fit perfectly and highlight the area where I’m most confident.

GOOD LEGS were a bit tighter on the legs and bigger on the waist, so if you’ve got a more straightforward or boy-shaped build, this is a good fit for you. The black pair I have on in photo on the left is actually the GOOD STRAIGHT fit, because I wanted a cropped length for summer. I have not tried GOOD CURVES.

They are so stretchy and so comfortable, while still holding everything in. I’m sold. I’m a lifer. They sell them at Nordstrom too, and I’ve occasionally seen them go on sale at Nordstrom Rack as well. A few times each year, Good American has a site-wide sale, and Nordstrom will price match. That’s when I pulled the trigger.

Allie Mann