By Jenna Birch, Performance Coach at The Power House Highland

By Jenna Birch, Performance Coach at The Power House Highland

Back pain is becoming more and more common. Many people work 9am-5pm jobs where they are sitting at a desk all day long, and as a result they are getting tighter and tighter. Maybe this sounds like you, and maybe you’ve noticed that over time your back has started to hurt more and more. This of course can be a combination of many things, but a lot of the time this happens because your body is so stiff. Tightness in your hip flexors, hamstrings, and lack of glute activation — or maybe it’s a combination of them all — can be the root cause of your back pain. If you’ve tried massages, chiropractic work, and nothing seems to be working — give mobility, stability and general movement a chance. 

Below is a sample workout you can do at home in efforts to alleviate your back pain. 

In the daily stretches section you will see words like “smash”. Smashing is like foam rolling but with a lacrosse ball — otherwise known as a self massage. It’s great to smash before and after any workout. Smashing before your workouts is great because it helps you achieve more flexibility and range of motion during your workout. Smashing after a workout is also great because it helps you recover quicker. If it’s your first time smashing, be prepared for it to be tender and spicy. Good news, the more and more you smash the less it will hurt and the greater your body will feel! 

In the activation section, some of the videos you see will include a mini band. Mini bands are honestly life changing. Mini bands help wake up your glutes like no other piece of exercise equipment can. If you don’t have a mini band they are around $5 and can be found online or in stores. Of course, you don’t need a mini band to do these exercises, however they are recommended because they help you turn on your glutes more than you would naturally.

Lastly, in the strength section you’ll find exercises that will challenge your balance, flexibility and core stability. For the good mornings, remember to squeeze your shoulder blades tight together and pretend you are looking over a balcony. For the cook hip lifts, try and punch your hips as high as you can to the ceiling. Lastly, on the hollow hold, drill your belly button to the floor and bend your knees if you don’t feel your low back deep in the ground. 

Give it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 



Glute smash x 1 minute per side

Shin to wall x 1 minute per side

Pigeon x 1 minute per side

Adductor Floss x 20 per side

Hamstring Floss x 20 per side



2-3 rounds

Glute bridge x 20

Clamshells x 15 per side

Cat cow x 10



2-3 rounds, 3 times per week

Good morning x 15-20

Cook hip lift x 5 per side

Hollow hold x 20 to 30 seconds

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