The time has come. The doctor officially gave me the green light. I'm healed and can get back to my exercise regimen. DAMNIT. Oh, and I should probably stop eating ice cream every night too. My words, not his. In my hay day, I worked out at least 4-5 times per week and ate a high protein diet. Maternity leave, while AH-MAZING in so many ways, makes working out difficult. I'm pretty much limited to the house. When I was getting in shape for my wedding, I worked out with a trainer, Devin Burns, in Colorado. He kicked my butt, changed my eating habits and helped me drop 40 pounds quickly and fairly easily. To me, his word is bible.

Devin's 21 Day At-Home Bootcamp is a set of exercises that you an do anywhere, anytime. You need absolutely nothing except a space and yourself. The workouts are simple and all under 30 minutes, and if you don't half-ass it, you'll get your full ass kicked. If you're not sure what the moves are, he has laid out descriptions for each further back in the PDF. 

Back in that "hay day" I mentioned, this set of workouts would have been fairly simple for me, but my workout game (and my muscles/various areas of skin) have gone soft. What one was easy is now VERY hard. Fellow moms, hopefully you've been where I've been and can tell me what I experienced is normal. On Day 1, I started with jumping jacks to warm up. Not long after, I started leaking. Down there. I quickly realized I was peeing and could not make it stop. Then, when I started doing sit ups, little farts would pop out with each rise. I didn't have to pee or fart! WHAT THE HELL?! Anyways, I'm at Day 8 now and feeling pretty good. Not sure if I'm still leaking. I avoid jumping. But I'm already feeling stronger and have lost a few pounds. 


Allie Mann