Let's DO this 2019

Well, January is almost over and it’s taken me THAT long to finalize my goals. I am really into goal-setting right now. And I’ve got big ones this year. Short term? Stay warm. Long term? Do cool shit. It helps to write them down they say, so WRITE I WILL. In fact, that’s the whole basis of my first goal.

da blog

  1. Post MORE

    I need to do better at this. I need to do MORE of this. This blog started during a time when I was down and out but had the time I needed to get it going. Now I’m a mom of two, working a full-time job and the time is fleeting. But blogging makes me HAPPY. That is payoff enough, and who couldn’t use more happy? I want to share compelling content, make you guys laugh and provide fashion tips that truly help you. That was my first goal, and I’m going to do my best to do it more often. End of story. This quantifies to at least 2x per week. That might not sound like a lot, but it’s double the amount I committed to last year.

  2. Feature a guest contributor each quarter

  3. Engage for 30 minutes each day on Instagram

  4. Get to 2,000 Instagram followers


  1. Lose 30 pounds – can’t blame it on the baby anymore.

  2. Be a better mom.

    I feel like will be a goal every year, until the day I die for different reasons, but this year it means spending more quality time with my 3-year-old Harvey and my 9-month-old Fletcher. During the week, I only get 1.5-2 hours with them each night, and it quickly gets screaming (by them), dinner, more screaming (by them), me giving in to them having TV, crying, screaming (by BOTH of us), a bath and bed time somewhere in there, and then the day is over. I will make a better effort to do fun things with them on the weekend, before they grow up and leave me.

  3. Start going to church again (bring Harvey, especially when he’s extra evil WINK) Yes. Church. Me.

  4. Join the church choir. Yes. SINGING AT CHURCH. Less surprisingly me ;)

  5. (Re) Learn to play the piano – Already four lessons in!

  6. Write a children’s book (about mental illness. I’ve wanted to do this for a while)

  7. Go to more concerts

    This is Carter’s and my happy place. We love live music and we could use more date nights/time away from the kids/nights not covered in shit and/or vomit. You get the drift.


  1. Pay off my credit card

  2. Shop less

  3. Increase student loan monthly payment amounts.

    Can we get real about this topic for a minute? My husband is aghast that I STILL have student loans to pay off, but I feel like it’s quite common. I know this is personal stuff, but do you guys have student loans? Regardless, it’s time to up the ante here and make a bigger dent at this balance. NOT that I’m embarrassed or ashamed. I have a career I love because of that degree and it’s worth every penny.



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