Hey their.

Did that blatant grammar error make you’re skin crawl? Me two.

When you’re a writer or really any written word aficionado, interesting and weird things will bug you. One thing that irks me is the improper use of words that have multiple spellings and uses – such as YOUR and THERE. People struggle with these. I get vehemently angry (that may be a tad dramatic, but it does drive me bonkers) when someone misuses it, especially on social media. My husband tells me it’s “not nice” to correct people, but the thing is, I’m not trying to be harsh. In truth, I'm actually trying to help save potential embarrassment for the grammar offenders! If they’re misusing it on social media, that likely means they're doing the same thing at work, on invitations and thank-you cards, in love letters, foreign correspondence, blog entries, legal documents, etc. etc. I mean, what could be worse than sending an important work email that ends with “Thank you for you’re time.” GASP. VOMIT. FAINT. Trust me, whatever was said before that closing greeting would be lost and forgotten due to that one pesky your. Check out the list below if you're ever in need of assistance. Seriously – this grammar guide is a lifesaver. Plus - it's PINK! :) 

GRAMMAR no marble.png

P.S. I am not perfect either. I still never know when it's its or it's? In my opinion, its is the hardest word to place and use correctly in the English language. I am also famous for mispronouncing things. Can anyone help me with the word culottes? I still don't think I'm getting it right. KOO LOTS? KULL OTTS? It also took me years to learn how to correctly spell definitely. 

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