It’s PRIDE weekend in Minneapolis and this year, we’re avoiding the fun fest in Loring Park. I’m so sad to not be down there, but as anyone with kiddos knows, kids kind of (pretty much) ruin events like that. So I’m celebrating from home, but my heart is still loud.

Why am I so pride-full? First of all, my baby brother is a gay man—a lovely, kind, generous, funny, outspoken, brilliant, vulnerable, strong, likable, funny, handsome, supportive, sassy, perfect gay man. He is one of the best men I know. Obviously, one of the first things I think about when I think about PRIDE is how I will straight up KNIFE anyone who hurts or discriminates him for his sexual orientation. Big sister threats aside, PRIDE is a time for us to remember what the LGBQT community has had to go through and to be there for them. Reserve your judgment! Who on this planet should be judged, ridiculed and discriminated against because of who they love. It’s 2019 and a part of me often can’t believe that this even still happens, but it happens. And it’s deplorable.

Everyone has their own beliefs, mantras, religion, you name it. But who can argue with the belief of being a good person. Just be NICE. Let people live. I am raising both of my boys to ACCEPT EVERYONE and celebrate PRIDE. Let’s spread and share the love, especially today and every day. And wear rainbows. xoxo

Allie MannComment